Wundershift optimizes customer loyalty for brands by building digital experiences for new generations.

Incumbent companies are challenged by the fact that new generations (like millennials) have a low level of loyalty for companies with homogenous products. They aren’t influenced at all by advertising and are expecting mutual relationships with companies and their brands. Acquisition of new customers in this age group is often matched by churn at the back door.

new generations aren’t influenced at all by advertising

The speeding up of innovation in the last 30 years (largely enabled by the Internet) has lead to innovation paralyzation. This disconnect makes it increasingly difficult for traditonal companies to surprise and delight new generations with products and experiences.

The Internet has grown up, we find that even the first generation of digital agencies is itself being disrupted. Wundershift was founded in the belief that a hybrid core team -consisting of both young digital native talent as well as seasoned strategists- can tackle the loyalty challenges of companies that want to lead.

What we do

Instead of building entire new products or product lines, Wundershift enhances existing customer journeys and products with the sole purpose to grow loyalty with experiences. This can be done by increasing usability, dependability, flexibility or just by making an experience more unique or fun. Our strategy is not aimed at ‘building stuff’ but helping you create the best experiences possible.

"Wundershift enhances existing customer journeys and products"

Think of a personalized TV community app for a television provider, an enhanced social service portfolio for a major airline or the creation of a unique content portfolio for a telecommunications provider. We bring a proven track record & methodology in various industries with clients in Telco, CE, Gaming, Content & Media, mostly in mobile environments with well known brands & market leaders.

Three reasons to hire us

Launch & Love

We have developed a fast digital experience incubation approach for our customers. From concept creation to generating traction after launch.

Experience x Digital Talent

We understand corporates, but also know when to let creative talent do their thing. We combine the best of both worlds.

Quick Expansion

Our small multidisciplinary core team is quickly expandable by a vast independent network of A-list specialists.

How we work

We combine extensive knowledge of the behavior and psyche of new generations with the deep technical and data driven perspective of the Internet age. We offer speed & flexibility with a small core team that is rapidly complemented with flexible specialists sourced on project specific needs. We do guide you along your entire (digital) journey by using our 4 step methodology which combines the best of Design Thinking and agile development methodologies.

Want to know more? Meet us for coffee! We’d love to discuss your digital challenges.